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Dealing with the legalities of a situation that you have either never encountered before or that you have no sufficient knowledge about is like going to battle with no weapons, competing in sport with no training, going for a tramp with no site information. We provide you with the truth of your situation and equip you with the knowledge you need to take steps forward… to make good decisions.



Through more than 25 years of law practice – almost 10 years in the Philippines and over 15 years in New Zealand, including holding the role of Honorary Consul General for the Philippines in New Zealand and being the First ever Member of the NZ Parliament of Filipino descent, Paulo Garcia brings an in-depth knowledge and experience to the areas of practice of the firm.


Our firm's business is to understand yours. Whether it is to assist in a commercial transaction or a conflict situation, we approach with compassion, sensitive to you and the challenges that you face.


We deal in simple terms. From our process to our communication with you. We strive to get you to the level of understanding that is unique to you.


Be assured that all you discuss with us remain confidential. We are scrupulous in identifying conflicts and in helping you identify pitfalls and challenges to your position.


Become more aware of the legal framework that will impact on what you intend to do BEFORE you start. Avoid digging and climbing into holes that become expensive and regretable to escape from.


Practice Areas

We are focused on building strong, long term relationships. Understanding that each person and situation is unique, we provide a a fresh and collaborative perspective – we work with you towards achieving the best outcome possible.

Understanding what you need is important to us.

Our Process

1. Give us a call. In that call we do a quick assessment of your concern. This is complimentary.

2. Once we have an idea of what help you need, we may then ask for you to set a time to meet with us or send us more documentation.
Note that it would be unfair for you and irresponsible of us to hazzard a guess based on a phone conversation.

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    Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

    It will be good to remember that once an agreement is signed by both parties, the contract is established. Any amendment to a signed contract will require the consent of both parties. To avoid needing to make a change after the contract is formed, it is best to have a solicitor guide you to understanding what you are signing before you sign.

    Be careful of who you ask when asking for advice on a legal matter like an immigration application. Be careful also of those who will be happy to speak to you over the phone. In order to be properly advised, the solicitor dealing with your request will want to see related documentation and study the matter fully before giving you advice.

    Drafting legal documents, including Wills require knowledge of the formal requirements of a Will and experience in what matters must be provided for in your Will – knowledge and experience that helps you consider matters you yourself may not be aware are necessary or think of as important to include in the Will.





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